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                                 DB/SL  Basic Belt Set:  $12.00  each     Qty: ____
                                            Power Feed Belt:   $6.00 each      Qty: ____
                                   Slow Speed Drive Belt: $6.00 each       Qty: ____ 
       Power Feed on Riser Blocks Drive Belt: $6.00 each       Qty:____
      Chuck key to fit UNIMAT 12 X 1 chuck  $6.00  each      Qty: ____
                            Allen Key  5 MM  5" long   $6.00 each      Qty: ____
             Chuck key to fit EMCO E6G chuck  $6.00  each      Qty: ____
                   Unimat DB/Sl Manual (reprint): $26.00 each      Qty: ____
                                       Spindle Bearing Kit:  $50.00 kit       Qty: ____
                                                  Idler Bearing:  $20.00 set      Qty: ____
                                    Preload Washers set:   $6.00 each       Qty: ____
                    Unimatt Buddy Alignment Pin : $14.00  each      Qty:____                                                                      Unimat U-90/U-775 Motor Brushes ( pair ): $26.00 each      Qty: ____    

                   Shipping and Handling                                                           Only One S/H fee per order                               
      Domestic postage   (USA only)                          or                   SPECIAL OFFER, if order is $24 or more              FLAT RATE  S/H:  $4.00 for order           (chose one)                               FREE POST   USA

International postage (Outside of USA)
Please  E-mail me  with items needed and  Country  of destination.  I will reply with  S/H cost. This will help me to keep  Postage rates for International orders reasonable.
               SPECIAL OFFER, if order is $24 or more.           Reduced Post  Outside of  USA

                                                                                 Total: $ ________

   Please indicate quantity and send payment to:

    Doug Feistamel
   P O Box 6316
   Villa Park, IL 60181- 5317  

 US $ ONLY. I accept personal checks (US BANKS ONLY), money orders (US & INTERNATIONAL) and PayPal.  When payment is received  I will ship  USPS   mail.
 If you are registered with PayPal service you can pay with  Visa or Master Card just direct   your payment to my account using my email    name.
            PayPal, link:     https://www.paypal.com/

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