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  I was reluctant to put up this page, because I didn't want it to seem  like, I am blowing my own horn.
On the other hand I felt the need to put up some information about myself and my products to convey confidence in them and overcome any hesitation of buying over the internet.
  The first belts I had manufactured were sold on Ebay. That was twenty years ago ( 1999 ) and when no one else offered them,  (some of these first belts are still in use on my machines ) .


                                    I ONLY SELL THROUGH THIS WEBSITE!

Other Unimat users encouraged me to put up a web-site. Well I did, the site has been up nine years and has grown from  two to twelve pages, I hope of useful  and fun information.
Sold thousands of belts, sent them  to every State in the Union and over twenty five other countries.
Never a returned belt!
I am still amazed by the  interest and devotion by young and old alike to these little gems

Here is just a sampling of the comments received from other Unimat users around the globe..
Belts arrived last night and fit perfectly.  Gerry
Just got the manual in today's mail.  It looks great.  Thanks, and I left you a positive on ebay as well.
Doug, I received my order on Wednesday , Thank you very much. I was more than pleased with the manual. It has some very good info. The belts  are of very good quality and am also pleased with them. Thanks again.   BOB 
Doug, the manual arrived today. Looks good, I'm sure it will be a big help.    Thanks,   Jerry
 The belts arrived in the mail today and they are great for the lathe. Thanks a lot Doug.  You will get excellent rating from me.
Hi Doug,   I received the manual yesterday.  Thanks for the speedy shipment.  It  is exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Pat
Hi Doug,  I will post a good feedback also for you. I have had a unimat for a  couple of years, and did not have the right belts. It had O-rings on it,  and they worked somewhat, but these OrangeGo belts will work a lot  better!
Thanx .......Jay
Hi Doug,  Got the belts.  My next to last belt broke just before I got yours, and I milled 18 slots using your belt.  I've had 4 different types of belts over the years, but like yours best.  Cool running and deliver the power to the job.  Thanks much.  I'll be ordering some spares .     Jim
Book arrived yesterday (Saturday) and is a great help. Thanks very much for the prompt reply.  Nice to do business with you.    Joe
Doug,  Got my new belts today.  They work great.  It sure is great to turn steel and not have the belts slip and stall the work.  Thanks again.   Charlie
Thank you, got belts yesterday they work great! repacked all bearings and motor  too.   Bill
Hi Doug, been a long time, just a note to say thanks for your help all that time ago. belts still going fine, a tribute to you/.hope all is well with you, keep up the good work for all unimat users world wide, have a good xmas & enjoy, so from Western Australia, my best, take care ,   Brian..
Hi Doug   Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know the belts arrived today. VEEEERY nice!!!  
And, Thank you for the prompt service.     Phil
Hi Doug,  I received the package today. Wow! that was fast. Thank you.  Now that I have a set of spare belts, I can relax and enjoy using  my UNIMAT.    Atsushi   Japan
Hello Mr. Doug-san   Your excellent manual & drive belts has arrived.  It is very wonderful manual.  The belt is strong and nice color.  Thank you.  See you again.    Hideyuki    Japan
Belts received.  I'm glad someone cares enough to support these little jewler's lathes.   Glenn .
Doug: Was very happy to find your website.  I have an old Unimat that I picked   up for free 15 years ago when the machine shop at a hospital where I   practiced closed.  I have nursed it along and improvised drive belts. 
Thank you for making them available.   David
Doug- Thanks for the prompt response. The Unimat belts arrived in the Tuesday mail-one week after shipment. This was plenty quick enough for the  moderate cost of mail. Have already tried the belts, they are better than the originals!   Thanks. John   ( West Coast )
 Please have a look at these other pages of interest on my Unimat web site:
DF  2019
Hi Doug
Just a note to say thanks for getting my new belts and bearings across the pond so quickly. My Little Unimat has seriously improved in both accuracy and noise level ... it's a different animal entirely. Will be in touch for more bits & bobs as and when !
Regards Bryn
Hello Doug, 
I purschased 2 sets of your belts for my Unimat 3 several years ago and they are still working very well.
I recently picked up a DB200 and need belts and manual so plese find my enclosed order.
Thanks for keeping the items coming  for these great little machines.
Robert, Ohio
Thank you, Doug.  Your parts are actually going to a Jesuit priest friend of mine in Bogota, Colombia!  Bet you never knew how far and wide your fame was!    I will let you know when I receive the package.  God bless, Loretta in Newburyport
Hi Doug,
              Thanks for the e mail.I Also wanted to thank you for your website. I appreciate the time you put into it and for sharing all the things on it with other  people(like Me).There is not alot out there on the unimat so I was lucky to find your  website.
          I just bought a unimat on ebay about a week ago so I don't know  very much about them(actually nothing),But I wanted to clean this one up and learn how to use it ,so your website was a VERY big help.By the way there was another  unimat for sale on e bay with your belts on it and someone had asked the seller where they were from because he also wanted a set of them.           
                                                      Thanks again for everything Doug,
Hello Doug!
Came accross your site! Do you still have the belts for a SL?  I have been using my Father's UNIMAT to make small parts for a North American T-6 that we are restoring and the small belt broke! We thought that we were SOL untill we found you site! I would like to pay you with instant PayPal to get a set of belts on the way! We are dead in the water!
Lexington, KY.                                                              BTW    Great Site!!!
Hi Doug,
           I have worn out the large final drive belt on my DB. It is one of your fantastic orange ones but over the months, it has stretched enough to make slippage an increasing problem. The small belts don't seem to suffer this problem quite so much, probably because they are handling less torque. Could you please give me a price on say two small belts (I use the slow speed attachment) and two large, final drive belts, plus postage to Australia of course.

Mike ,  Sydney   Australia

( Mike's belts served him well for  two years,  Doug )

Hi Doug,
I received the package with the belts and the manual.  Boy, it's fun to see the manual again!  My original manual to my Unimat was probably soaked by hurricane Katrina.  (But not the Unimat, fortunately!)
Cheers to you, for your website and your products.     -Franz
Thanks, Doug, I appreciate this. The other day I looked at my spare parts and found the a couple of belts which I had had for about 4 years had completely deteriorated. I was relieved when I found your site. And when I looked closely at the present belting, it was about ready to go. You saved my day!    sig 
The drive belts and manual arrived over the weekend. Thank you. I bought my Unimat 30 years ago second hand with no manual and all this time I have had to make do with sewing machine belts and guesswork as to the setups. Thanks again.  Bob        Bradenton, FL
Got the parts Saturday and put them on this morning. The old lady runs just great so far. Got some 1/4 inch bits coming, so I can make some chips pretty soon. Belts work good. I'll probably order a couple more sets soon just for spares.
Thanks again, Roy