Use this link to visit Tony Griffiths " LATHES" Web Site. This vast and fascinating archive of Lathe / Mill information covers over 123 manufactures,   This site is the mother lode of information!
  Be sure to look under EMCO (Unimat) .
Sherline Products, a manufacture of Precision Table Top Lathes & Mills, accessories and tooling. Some of which are modified (different thread) to fit the DB/SL, such as their chucks. This is another great site in that it not only showcases their products but, provides support for the hobbists & machinist with a resource & link site which is second to none.. 
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Ebay On Line Auctions, this is where all  the action is for the buying and selling of used Unimat machines and accessories. In the search window type in   unimat   and you will be amazed at what turns up each week.
Please have a look at these other pages of interest on my Unimat web site:
 Unimat  Users  GROUP   Page   A friendly place.  Sign-up and join in. An online forum for Unimat users.  Ask questions, post request for parts, sell your extras, or share your tips & experence.  Get feed back on whats going on the Web for the Unimat hobbist.
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Table Top Lathe Machining Primers,
I have had many request for basic lathe / milling instructions. Here are several very good online resources for small lathe; set-up, operations, tool cutting and use.
Sherline's instruction manual
Here is link to Sherline's instruction manual a must read for beginners. 
Mini Lathe. Com
Bob Hoose has put together a useful  web site for mini late users. Check it out!
Little Machine Shop. Com
A good site for cutting tools and information