Headstock Alignment Pin

A fast sure way to align the headstock.
I have been using this alignment pin to help set up my machines  for years. 
Here is a simple tool every Unimat user will find usefull.
Made of  high tolerance tool steel.
As you know, the headstock needs to be checked for alignment for proper set up. The hexhead alignment pin ( pins the headstock to base, this is the pin that comes with  your lathe), is pretty much useless for any kind of accuracy.   
The Unimatt Buddy Pin aligns the head stock with the tailstock and  the ways ( bed ).

This accuracy will work in 95+%  of jobs.

If you are looking for  runout of .001 or less. You would be using trial cuts for alignment in any case.
Simple to use.

 Because the Unimatt Buddy Pin is a close tolerance fit with the spindle / tail-stock bore, both bores need to be clean and free of burrs and or rust.
In order to work properly. The pin must enter the bore free and smooth. 

 Loosen  head-stock locking bolt ( large head bolt below spindle pulley in  base, accepts 5MM allen  key. Head-stock can now swivel. ) , advance cross slide close to head-stock base, loosen tail-stock base bolt and advance close to cross slide, insert  Unimatt Buddy Pin in head bore, loosen tail-stock ram lock bolt, advance ram onto Unimatt Buddy Pin.
 Now, snug down both the ram lock bolt and the tail-stock base bolt 
( snug, not tight ). 
 This will take out any looseness in the fit of pin and will bring the head-stock into alignment.
 Now tighten head-stock lock bolt.
Release both the ram lock bolt and the tail-stock base bolt, retract ram, slide back tail-stock and remove Unimatt Buddy Pin .  That's it...  
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DF   2018
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$14 each
Made in the  USA
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           Live Center

         Single bearing live center
Here are useful accessories I have made for the  Unimat DB/SL and branded under the                                             Unimatt Buddy name
Here is an accessory every one can use. 

I can't remember how many request I have had for live centers over the years.

Finally able to have these made at a reasonable cost.  Right here in the USA.    

Made in the  USA
Now, Flat rate shipping $4.00 Per order (USA), all items.
DB/SL Drill  Chuck Adapter

Now fit your standard thread drill chuck to the DB/SL tailstock !
 12 X 1 MM female thread, 3/8-24 male thread.
Loose less than 3/4" between centers!

Fits Spindle & Tailstock Threads. 
Made in the  USA

DB/SL Drill  Chuck
Here is that spare or missing drill chuck you have been looking for! 
Jacobs brand Drill Chuck
Threaded to fit the DB/SL  spindle or tailstock.
Capacity: 0"- 5/16"  ( 0.0 - 8 mm  ) 
Key included..
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Now, Flat rate shipping $4.00 Per order (USA), all items.
Fits Spindle & Tailstock Threads.